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Website Design

If you've reached this page then you're probably already aware that I design websites. When I design a website I do it with a complete picture of your professional goals. Like a good employee, you want your website be proactive in attracting more business or leads and not sit around doing nothing.

Website Hosting

To keep it simple, I host websites, domain names and email. There's a huge range of options from which you can choose or I can choose for you depending upon your requirements or competency. Each year I invoice for hosting which ensures that I'm available should you need someone to 'talk technical' to the hosting company.

Online Shops

UK shoppers spend more per head on average than any other country in the world. With that kind of confidence in shopping online and the size of the eCommerce market growing every year then perhaps you should be doing it too.

I've been through every stage of setting up and running a successful eCommerce shop so all you need are the products and I'll guide you through the rest.

Studio Support

I don't design cars, I do cool things in Photoshop and provide studio support during busy periods, staff holidays, sickness and maternity for complex or high volume photo editing and ecommerce image / offer creation. You choose whether to work remotely or part/full time in your offices.

Touch Screens

These are mainly used by museums or schools as exhibits or for education. It's a great way to gather a large amount of information together when an internet connection isn't possible. As the internet has matured and fast connections have been able to stream video they have become less popular but are still a great alternative in some cases.

Design for Print

All the services I've mentioned so far can be described as design for screen but I also do design for print. Whatever you require from business cards to product catalogues, flyers to banners and postcards to brochures, illustration or a logo then I've got it covered.


Whatever the final output whether online or for print, I've created illustrations, icons, icon sets and logos for many projects.

...web banners, animation, photo editing...

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