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Logos & Branding

Corinium Health & Beauty Spa

Create a consistent logo combining existing logotype with a logomark to build brand awareness across existing marketing channels.

QooxDoo Project

Build a new visual identity to align with the future vision for Qooxdoo and the upcoming release v6.0.

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Fieldhouse Kitchens and Bathrooms

This logomark was created to complement the existing workmark which in turn was fine tuned to fit with the new responsive website and bespoke CMS.

South Gundenham Farm

Create a brand new logo for the farm that doesn't include specific animals or farm products. The logo should be memorable and at the same time reproduce well in print and online.


Modernise the visual identity of PowerClean and emphasize the quality of the service on offer.

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Howard Yarnold Windows & Doors

The logomark combines the H and Y to represent a window and frame. Look closely to see the h + y and how they interact.

Artefact IT

Artefact IT create heritage interactive products. This logo uses an actual artefact you can interact with rather than an illustration.

Design for Print

Websites, UI & Digital

MTBThere Mountain Bike Holiday App Study

Design a free app to help mountain bikers discover new trails around the UK and find bike friendly accommodation for all group sizes.

Case Study (LQ 2.6Mb PDF)
Case Study (HQ 13.1Mb PDF)

Artefact IT - The History of Hook Interactive

Design and produce an interactive about this small town in Hampshire containing galleries, documentaries, slideshows, articles and documents.

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Famatel UK

A full range of event marketing materials including website, brochures, price lists, flyers, banners, badges, email marketing and more. All material produced follows brand guidelines.

The main image shows a screenshot from the custom Content Management System for producing flyer PDFs for email marketing alongside the website home page.

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Dog Walkers UK

Website redesign to create a bespoke, responsive site with a focus on making the site far easier to update than the previous Wordpress site.

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Artefact IT

An interactive resource for information relating to life in the village of Dilton Marsh during WW2.

Corinium Health & Beauty Spa

A website redesign primarily to make the website responsive and make the treatment information easier to find and read.

Open Corinium Website

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One of a series of design alternatives for the redesign of Intentor's website.

Everything Else

Amalgam Fine Model Cars

Make the red Ferrari on the right look like the real life 70th Anniversary version of the classic Ferrari on the left. Above shot is before and below is after.

In addition to the above work, I carried out the background removal from over 100 models and 450 hours of photo stacking, compositing and dust and scratch removal on hundreds more.

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Famatel UK Product Photography

To take photographs of new products coming into the range where existing photographs don't exist.

CSS Battle

I took on the challenge at to test my CSS coding skills against others around the world. As I write this I'm the UK's highest ranked player and 35th of over 105,000 players globally.

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