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Interactive and Kiosk Design

Interactives are one of those disciplines where one can really let your creative juices flow. With no constraints of differing screen sizes like website design and the possibility of animation unlike print design, almost anything is possible. These days there is little call for CD Roms these days although kiosks are very much alive and kicking.

Warminster Interactive

The investigation of the Saxon Settlement in Warminster

Led by volunteers from the local community Warminster Civic Trust, with the assistance of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, aimed to identify and locate the boundaries and layout of the early medieval settlement believed to be in the area of the modern day Minster Church of St Denys.

Easton Royal Interactive CD

This project involved the Archaeological Historical Landscape Research Group, the community of Easton Royal, Schools and the Easton Royal Heritage Group in a quest to find and map the location, and to research the lost Trinitarian Priory. This was possibly the only surviving priory from this order, which makes this project of national importance.

Dilton Marsh Interactive CD

A National Heritage Lottery Funded collection of memories, films, interviews and galleries remembering the second world war.

Simmons Aerofilms Interactive

To tell the truth, this project was something I worked on before going freelance and I don't even know if it ever got finished. That said, I thought you might like to see this visual. It was a CD Rom showcasing a collection of images of London at the turn of the last century. You would click on a ticket after which the corresponding bus would then drive off and the transition to the next screen would happen.